Perpetual Saturday

Photo: Sophie's morning spot

By Mike Johnson

Predawn darkness. Amber bank lamp. Coffee candle. “Wildfire” croons from the 1970s playlist.
Hot mocha steams on the cup warmer. Heavy gray sweatshirt hugs my torso above faded jeans.
Sophie sprawls across the rolltop desk, exposing her belly, snoozing.
Keyboard shelf slid forward, just below the cat. I’m nestled into my loft cave desk.

Ahh… another Saturday.

A Perpetual Saturday.

I started this predawn ritual back in 1990. I was still employed in those days, writing escape plans at 4am, dreaming of achieving the reality I awoke to this morning.

By arising in the dark and climbing into jeans and moccasins, I made every morning feel like Saturday. I could only languish an hour before heading off to work, but it made all the difference.

By filling my own cup first, I had excess to share with others. This created uncommon advances, inspired ideas and fascinating opportunities.

Perpetual Saturday started as an exercise of imagination but soon attracted the reality.

My perspective today is exponentially larger than my 1990 perspective. I’ve traded ambition for gratitude. I stopped at “enough” and marinated in my destination.

Today, I see so many different ways to generate income that I’m immobilized by the forest of opportunity.

I’ll stay immobilized too because I realize time is far more valuable than money.

After languishing in the pleasure of enough Saturdays, you realize a great truth.

The masses trade priceless time for common money. The enlightened trade common money for priceless time.

Figure that out, and you too, will gain Perpetual Saturdays.



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