Smothered By the Worser You

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By Mike Johnson

The better you is smothered by the worser you.

If you could read minds, youíd become a recluse too.
Most people have such little control of their minds, itís as if the devil himself has become a roommate.

The self-talk in these minds is overrun with judgement, ignorance, insults, profanity, hatred and filth.
This makes people believe they ARE that self-talk.

Itís no wonder people are fearful, ashamed, confused, timid and defeated. Why they operate at a fraction of their capacity.

Just because a river of thoughts flows by your mind doesnít mean they are yours. Where do they come from? Are they even credible?

You have the authority to gatekeep. To vet. To disallow entry.

Thoughts only become yours if you embrace them. This can happen by purpose or by default.

The inattention and unawareness of default is destroying you.

The better you is smothered by the unvetted, worser you.

This worser you isnít you at all! Itís just a conglomeration of random thoughts.

The REAL you is the one with the power to do the selecting.

So how do you reinstall the real you as gatekeeper?

You start your day with contemplation. Introspection. Meditation.

You calm your mind. You quiet the chatter. You clear the mechanism.

Youíll physically feel this. Youíll buzz. Lighten. Rise. Expand. Clear.

Youíve restored your mental dominion to the better you.

Now you move through your day, moment-by-moment, as this aware, gatekeeping, higher capacity, better you.



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