Peter's Sign

Photo by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Our buddy Peter passed away in 2017. He’d founded and operated his café for 23 years. He sold it to an employee and a few years later, forgave the debt when he passed.

Peter wrote his own obituary a few weeks before he died. It was noteworthy in that it did not list what he’d done, but what others had done for him.
His obituary was a thank-you note.

Sue ran the café until last month. Relentless short-staffing and her mother’s illness forced the difficult decision to close. She auctioned off the equipment and turned the building back to the landlord.

We keep up with Peter’s wife Ruth who retired to Florida. It was our pleasure to let her know we’d purchased the hand-painted Peter’s Café building sign at auction.
She shared the personal story of how they’d decided on the logo and how it was created.
She loves that friends got the sign and that it will be prominently hung and cherished, safely inside our barn.

We love that she loves that.

That love, combined with rich memories, makes this personal reminder of our buddy Peter, even more special.



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