The Power to Create Life

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By Mike Johnson

The sea-monkey aquarium sits quietly on my desk.
Six inches tall, four inches wide, itís the result of 60 years of refinement.
The clear plastic oval is perfectly wrapped inside with a full-color marketing label.
Behind that label, lay the packets of water cleaner, food and sea-monkey eggs.

The container is so attractive as is, I havenít started the process.
It takes 24 hours for the water, cleaner and temperature to properly prep for the eggs.
Then you pour in the eggs and the sea-monkeys immediately hatch. They start no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence.
Over time, they grow to half-inch length. Theyíre actually brine shrimp. Iíve read they can live up to two years.

In the meantime, the creatures remain in suspended animation.
Just like seeds.

As they sit, they are at peace. Not even aware of themselves.
If I drop them into the water, I start the process of life, awareness, experience and death.

Is all that hootenanny worth it to the sea-monkeys?
Is giving them life a gift, or a cruel experiment?
Are they better off staying in that packet, never knowing life and death?

Suddenly, Iím Almighty God to these sea-monkeys.
Heavy responsibility stowed away in that light aquarium.

I wish I knew what happens to sea-monkeys after death.
I canít imagine giving something life only to kill it off.

I hope our Almighty God thinks the same way.




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