Speaker of the House

Free use photo from Pixabay.com

By Mike Johnson

I’ve been a speaker but not THAT speaker. It’s surreal seeing my name pasted everywhere.

One moment I‘m an obscure, Wyoming recluse and the next, headlines scream I’m endorsed by Donald Trump.
Took him long enough.

It’s only fair because my “MJ” nickname was stolen over the years, first by Michael Jackson and then Michael Jordan.
They dunked and I was punked.
They never apologized.

Now my name has been stolen by the Louisiana politician, Mike Johnson. The jokes have already started.

My niece has the last name of “White.” My next invitation to The White House is certain to be epic.

It was only a matter of time with such a common name. Key “Mike Johnson” into Google and you get 749 million results.

Most of the first page is filled with the legislator.
There is a Mike Johnson hockey player.
Mike Johnson steel guitarist.
Mike Johnson movie director.

If I enter “Mike Johnson writer,” I make the first page.
Number eight in the whole world.
Well, damn. Didn’t know that.
Perhaps I’m not as obscure as I thought.

God bless America.



My Day as President of the United States


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