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By Mike Johnson

My largest frustration was having to run my dreams through others.

Parents donít get it.
Employers donít get it.
Friends donít get it.

They just canít see what I can see.

So I quit forcing my dreams to fit into their tiny, rigid worlds.

I created my own.
Blazed my own trail.
Took the roads less traveled and the roads NEVER traveled.
Both inner and outer.

Itís lonely business.

You learn to admire majesty alone because few will make the journey to earn it too.

With luck, you find a supportive, adventurous spouse.
With grace, you share big outer goals.
With luck and grace, you achieve them together.

Now youíre standing on a mountain peak, at 9am on a weekday, with nothing on your calendar for miles.
The skyís the limit. Ultimate freedom. No one else in sight.
This isnít some temporary vacation, itís your fulltime life.

The reason your path is devoid of people is because it required imagination, faith, discipline and courage.
This seems too much to the masses. Most people follow the herd.
They never leave the caravan of comfort, calendar, conformity and compromise.

So they get what the herd gets.

Where are they at 9am on a weekday?

But the inner path is yours alone. No traveling together here.
You come in alone. You depart alone. You live in your head alone.
You experience the inner majesty alone.

There's a path to majesty for everyone. Both inner and outer.

But it's not the one crowded with the masses.

ďYouíre never given a wish without the power to make it true.
You may have to work for it, however.Ē

- Richard Bach



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