America's Got Talent

Screen shot from Britain's Got Talent

By Mike Johnson

The best entertainment is inspiring and emotional.

YouTube is loaded with clips of people doing amazing things.
It’s free-of-charge if you can tolerate the commercials.
Because I’m helping starve the cabal of money, I can.

Simon Cowell started the “Got Talent” franchise in the UK with “Britain’s Got Talent.”
His format is now operating in 40 countries, including America.
Simon has become one of the richest men in the UK.

What I like the most, are the highlight offerings that string together the best performances by theme.

“The top golden buzzers of AGT.”
“The top 10 magicians on BGT.”
“Acts that amazed the judges.”
“Timid, young singers who blew everyone’s minds.”
“Comedians who made the judges lose control.”

There are dozens of these, if not hundreds.
Because each act is under 3 minutes, you get maximum return for minimum time investment.

Every imaginable talent is displayed, along with ones no one could ever imagine.

Like any favorite show, the regular cast starts to feel like friends.
Watching the judges react, is just as emotional and inspiring as watching the contestants and their families react.

The "Got Talent" show highlites are free TV that is actually worth the time you trade for it.



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