Gold Heist

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By Mike Johnson

Gold spiked upward $60 overnight.
By morning, it was $50 less than it started at.
Gold doesn't fluctuate $110 in a matter of hours.

This was open, obvious manipulation and falsification of the market.

This is more proof that the cabal are bloody liars and bloody thieves.

The financial system should’ve collapsed decades ago but only cabal lies and hundreds of trillions of counterfeit, keystroked digital dollars keep it alive.
If the Federal Reserve was ever audited, this would be exposed.
So of course, they are never audited.

This level of deceit and theft strongly suggests there is no real money left to back up the amounts your paper statements promise.
Only those who immediately withdraw their money are likely to get any back.
Those who withdraw now will be paid just to keep the insolvency secret for another day longer.
But the masses who wait, will get nothing, because there is nothing left to give back.
It's all been spent and stolen.

Physical gold and silver, held under your personal control, are the only real money left in the world today.
Central banks and governments know this and are aggressively accumulated it right now, as fast as possible.
Gold and silver have been used as real money for over 4,000 years. This is God's money.

Everything else is merely a promise to pay, not the payment itself.
What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.

Wall Street seduces investors by whispering sweet lies, calling them “wise” for investing in their scams.

But in reality, only suckers hold the following cabal “investments:”

Stocks. Massively over-valued. Massively manipulated. The stock certificates are owned by a cabal clearing house, not you. Stocks are subject to high-frequency trade skimming, manipulation, broker theft and the current economic depression.

Bonds. Same as stocks, but a much larger market. Bonds are also whacked by today's rising interest rates and inflation.

Bitcoin. It’s vulnerable to inspection and seizure by government, loss of electricity, loss of Internet and loss of your passcode. It's nothing, posing as something.

Paper gold & silver. This “market” has hundreds of claims on each ounce of physical metal they hold. They just keep reselling nothing while promising something. If you own any of this, you are totally screwed. Cash out or convert it to physical metal immediately or you’ll get nothing.

Real estate. Own the real property, not a "share" of some fund. Then it's physically real. But it's safest if it's owned free and clear. Banks can recall mortgages or increase interest rates. It's also better if it generates income. Better yet if it's multi-unit residential income. Residents will do anything to keep a roof over their head. A shaky commercial business renter won't.

Cash. The least stinky sock in the hamper. It's physical, in your hand. It's owned free and clear. It can still be used to directly purchase physical things that have real value. But it’s losing over 1% of its purchasing power every month.

It amazes me that people still store their life savings in the cabal's vaults.

The cabal’s evil has been proven over and over again.

JFK. Vietnam. Fake news media. 911. Patriot Act. Iraq. Afghanistan. Enron. Bernie Madoff. 2008 mortgage-fraud crash. Covid & the poison injections. Open southern border. Jeffrey Epstein. Race riots. The 2020 & 2022 election thefts. Ukraine. Weaponized government and justice system. Dementia Biden, openly bribed, openly a puppet. Financial destruction of the United States.

The cabal is guilty of causing the deaths of hundreds of millions over the past century.

This same cabal owns the financial system.

You still trust them to hold your life savings?

Clearly this is not real wisdom.

Owl keep trying to warn you.

But we're running out of time.

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