No Approval Needed

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By Mike Johnson

The day I started a snack shop business was the day I realized how small I’d been living.

Other than convincing my wife, no approvals were needed from anyone.
We determined the products, the prices, the packaging and the promotion.

I was amazed that once started, we could direct the business any way we liked!

This was a side gig to supplement my fulltime job.
I didn’t need my employer’s approval either.

Anybody can start a sole proprietorship at any moment.
Just track your sales and expenses and file a Schedule C with your next tax return.

If it succeeds, great! Enjoy the income or use it to replace your fulltime job.

If it fails, great! Enjoy the learning and experience and apply it to your next venture.

Fear is no barrier.
Walk right through it. Action exposes fear as illusion.

Knowledge is no barrier.
Libraries and websites are filled with how-tos from people who achieved what you desire.

Time is no barrier.
Just get up earlier or stay up later. YOU run your body, it does NOT run you.

Money is no barrier.
A great idea, properly presented, attracts any needed funds.

You own your body, mind and dreams free and clear.

You are powerful. Inspired. Made by God himself.

Don’t let your present “reality” fool you into accepting less. Or worse, believing less.

When it comes to your life and your desires, no one is a bigger expert than you.

Live like you know it and you'll soon deeply, truly, clearly know it.



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