Eyeballing Reality Quickly

Free use giraffe photo from Pixabay.com

By Mike Johnson

You donít have to see it all to identify what it is.

A sharp word.
A caught lie.
A kick at the dog.

An open border.
A poison injection.
A stolen election.

All are details that assemble a bigger picture.

Bad people are really bad at hiding their badness.

For starters, they have low intellect. Really low. Their vibration is at the bottom of the barrel.

There are no bad people who are smart.
The myth of a criminal mastermind is only Hollywood fiction.

Thatís because even if a bad person rules the world, he knows he lied and stole and murdered to get there.
He knows heís a thug and an asshole.
He does all the work to get a reward and STILL feels miserable because of his own bad behavior.
This is not smart.

Good people are intelligent enough to realize that only being good takes them to the best destinations.

It takes a higher vibration person to realize if he steals a million, he wonít enjoy it.

A smart person wants the million AND the worry-free, warm glow of achievement that comes from earning it.

A bad person will never attract a good mate either.
And if he does, heíll never keep her.
Heíll never enjoy the rich, depth of reciprocal relationship because he knows he lied to get it.
Eventually she catches on, closes down emotionally, and leaves the loser.
He'll blame her of course.

A good personís best defense against bad people is to recognize what they really are QUICKLY.

Pay attention to the smallest bad behaviors.
Rapidly assemble them to show a trajectory.
Eyeball what that shows and where that leads.
Project it out to a full picture.

Small bad actions do not lead to large good results.

When someone shows you they're a jerk, believe them.

Once you detect badness, stop sticking your neck out.
It will only get worse.
Stop cooperating.
Walk away.

That person Ė or that government -- is BAD.



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