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By Mike Johnson

Nothing indicts the failure of large systems like public education.

In my state of Wyoming, the average cost per student for public education is about $17,000 per year.

The cost of a good home school curriculum costs from zero to $500 per year.

Looked at with harsh reality, tens of billions of taxpayer dollars are wasted every year.

But TIME is massively wasted too.

Parents adept at home schooling say it only takes one to two hours per day for their kids to complete each day’s lessons.

So we’re looking at hundreds of billions of wasted man hours too.

Then there is the total lack of control of the quality of kids’ education.

Covid closures and maskings proved school boards do not listen to parents about basic health procedures, let alone the intricacies of curriculum.

The larger the system, the more power these “leaders” think they rule over everyone. The less they listen and the more they decree.

After covid lockdowns, 5% to 10% of the nation’s students did not return to public schools. Most of these are being home schooled.

Home school kids consistently test spectacularly better – and multiple grade levels higher – than public education kids.

Seventy-five percent of your property taxes go to your local public education system.

You’re paying for land, buildings, bus fleets, lunchrooms, athletic fields, auditoriums, utilities, desks, equipment and administrators before you buy the first book or hire the first teacher.

Massive waste.

What we ought to be publicly teaching is how to effectively home school while navigating daycare and work schedules.

The smartest people solve this by employing the proven, traditional, stable family system of two loving parents working together.

Before you bemoan the loss of "socialization" gained at public schools, consider the detriments.

Cliques. Bullying. Drugs. Sex. Gangs. Peer pressure. Physical and emotional danger. There’s an ugly subculture in public schools. The bigger the school, the worse the dangers.

Because citizens can’t escape paying school taxes, home schoolers are always eligible to sign up for sports and extracurricular activities at public schools. If desired, parents can pick and choose based on what they think best helps their kids.

Like all large systems, public schools have metastasized into a wasteful, administration & facility-heavy system that fails in its primary function; to educate and prepare kids to morally, effectively, happily and abundantly create their own productive lives.

Home school does that and does it safely and lovingly at a fraction of the time and expense. With parents 100% in control.

This is just one more example where it pays to reject the mass of mediocre men, become your own expert and create your own better work-around.



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