Gullible Group Still Trusts Cabal's Media

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By Mike Johnson

70% of Democrats still trust mainstream media ( Statista survey ).
This means they still trust leaders and “authority.”

This is the only thing propping up the cabal, boys and girls.

This gullible segment of the population is enabling the destruction of the rest of us.

People only believe lies until they get better information.

This better information exists but it takes effort to find.

Gullible people do not make this effort.

Gullible people also have no understanding of human nature.

People can be weak. Confused. Lazy. Dishonest. Cowards. Corrupt. Blackmailed. Evil.

A title or credential means nothing if the person who holds it is a defective, dishonest person.

Defective people have taken over every major position and institution in America.

To hide this, they LIE.

Words are free. But for those who understand the dynamics of liars, easy to see right through.

Truth is real and can’t be swept away by lies.

It can only be hidden by deceiving some gullible person with mere words.

Lying words cost corrupted leaders nothing but to a gullible believer, cost them everything.

It’s actually good news that liars only have words, credentials and titles to hide their crimes.

They’ve already been exposed as crooks to a majority of the population.
We see through their words and see through to their true character.

It’s sad that the gullible people are helping the evil cabal destroy us all.
They are so loudly ignorant, so unaware of being deceived, so full of righteousness and misplaced trust, that they’ll be devastated at their life review.
They are literally helping destroy the wiser people they think are stupid.
Yet, these wiser people are still trying to save THEM.

The devil's cabal is very skilled at deceiving mankind to fight itself.

The same group that owns CNN owns FOX.
The same group that owns McDonald's owns Burger King. Apple and Microsoft. Oil companies and wind farms. Monsanto and hospitals. Pfizer and Moderna.
There is no competion because the cabal owns them all.
The parent company of the firm that did the survey is 12% owned by JP Morgan, which is deep cabal.
They have their fingers in everything.

Which means it's extremely likely they also own Biden AND Trump.

With corruption this deep, there is no political solution.

That leaves state nullification/secession and individual non-compliance as the only peaceful ways to stop the tyranny.

But most states are corrupted, so that leaves it all on individual citizens.

This is why waking up the gullible is so important for us all.

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