The Glitch of Glass

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By Mike Johnson

As long as glass exits, Larry will never go hungry.

It’s a glitch in human nature to believe something so fragile is a barrier to entry.

Yet there it is.
Windows in every house, every business, every school, church and government building.

Larry sees that glass is just an illusion of security, not security itself.

With just a rock and a lap blanket, Larry gets anything he wants.
Free of charge.

Glass is an illusion. A glitch of human belief. The world is filled with these glitches.

It’s also filled with these Larrys.

Larry is just the most obvious type of criminal.

The worst criminals are those who wear suits, hold leadership positions and abuse our trust.

Trust is the biggest glitch in human nature. Trusting that what you hear is truth, does not make it truth. People trust far too easily.

They trust their college to deliver accurate, important knowledge.
They trust their doctor utilizes the best information and serves their best interests.
They trust their financial advisor to wisely build their savings to fund retirement.
They trust their military to send them on necessary, moral missions.
They trust their media to give them truthful facts and news.
They trust their government to inform, serve, protect and be frugal stewards of tax money.

Behind all this trust in institutions and authority, are PEOPLE.

People are fallible. They can be lazy. Weak. Confused. Misguided. Stupid. Arrogant. Thieves. Deviates. Criminals. Corruptible. Evil.


Trust a fallible, defective or bad person and you’re going to get a bad outcome.

Easy trust is our weakness. It has allowed criminals to take over every meaningful position in America.

Our glitch was trusting that delegation, inattention and gullibility was enough to keep things running right.

This was all GLASS.

Criminals in suits saw right through it. They saw that PEOPLE were the weakest links to creating a global criminal syndicate.

By purchase, by bribe, by threat or by blackmail, this cabal has taken over authority. This includes the media, education and governments that tell the unaware what they “know.”

They’ve even taken over the enforcers and justice systems that are supposed to stop such criminals.

The glitch is so powerful that despite injustice and collapse in every direction, a large percentage of people still TRUST.

When you remind them that glass is NOT security, they think you’re the glasshole.

The cabal only survives by spewing lies that confuse and divide us. We out-number them 10,000 to 1. If we come together and see THEM as the enemy, they lose.

So, by citizens' misplaced trust, the most ignorant of us are helping destroy the rest of us.

Just the way the cabal wants it.



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