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By Mike Johnson

I love you.

Not the external, primped, physical you.
Not the shallow, coasting, unaware, survival-mode you.
The deepest, purest, God-created soul part of you.

Itís in there somewhere.
You do a good job of hiding it.
Out in the physical world, I do too.

But here in the written, vulnerable, mental world, Iím exposed.
Itís my gift to you.

Take it or leave it, I gain the pleasure of giving.
Accept the gift, and perhaps youíll gain too.

I encourage you to give as much and as often as you can.

Money is the easiest to gift.
Especially if you have excess.
Itís almost effortless.
But at the right time, to the right person, it can mean the world.

Time is the next easiest to gift.
Handcrafted gifts mean more because they contain more of YOU.
These gifts prove the receiver was in your thoughts.
You cared about them deeply and personally.

Advice is the hardest gift because itís the least desired.
But itís the most valuable and most needed.
But only you know its value and need because the receiver does not yet have your research, experience or perspective.

Sometimes, you learn a piece of lifesaving knowledge by luck or obscure observation.
You see a madman toss a stick of dynamite into a hotel lobby.
Youíre the only witness.

At that moment, everyone in that hotel needs to know what you learned.
They just donít know it.
Itís on you to warn everyone, immediately.

Some quickly grasp your urgent and passionate warning.
They exit the hotel.

But others donít believe you.
Who the hell are you? What are your credentials? If this dynamite story is true, why isnít it on TV?

Youíre trying to save their life and theyíre trying to save their routine and worldview.
You gift them a chance to survive and they gift you insults.

But you gift them anyway.
Because your conscience tells you itís right to share that information.
To those who have much, much is expected.

For some reason, God wired me to be a watcher.
A researcher.
A trajectory projector.

There are millions of us.

Research, experience and perspective lets us see patterns before they play out.
We see what others cannot.
Our information can save them much pain and suffering.
But only if they listen.
Many don't.
So itís a blessing and a curse.

But itís a gift.
Millions of us have it.
Millions of us share it.

Because we love you.



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