Cold Facts

Photo: Tax-payer-funded photo "from the moon" courtesy of NASA

By Mike Johnson

According to NASA, the astronauts who landed on the moon experienced nighttime temperatures of 250 degrees below zero.

All they had to survive was inside that metal, thin-walled, lunar lander.

Right now, as I write this, I am experiencing temperatures of 30 degrees below zero outside my house.

My fireplace is filled with burning wood, every heater in the house is on, haybales are stacked against the foundation wall where the interior water lines run, and I am trickling water in multiple sinks so the lines donít freeze.

The outside house doors have contracted and no longer seal perfectly. The outside storm doors are frosted over, inside and out.

I am connected to the electric grid.

Despite all this, if it was 220 degrees colder, like they claim on the moon, I could not survive in my house. No one, in any earth house could.

Yet, the moon astronauts only had off-the-shelf batteries to supply their heat at 250 degrees below zero!

NASA also said there were places on the lunar lander no thicker than 3 sheets of aluminum foil. Last year, my pipes froze INSIDE the house, due to their high position along the eight-inch wide concrete block basement foundation wall.
Only thirty degrees below zero outside, froze those pipes inside. Right through 8 inches of CONCRETE.

Youíre telling me that a light-weight, sophisticated spacecraft doesnít have components that would be destroyed by 250-degree-below-zero temperatures?

The craft had windows! AND thin walls!

There's no way. Due to cold alone, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the Apollo manned moon landings are a LIE.

The technology, wall thinness, weight retrictions and available space was laughably incapable of doing what NASA claimed.

Oh, and NASA also said daytime temps on the moon were 250 degrees ABOVE zero.

Things boil at 212 degrees!

Which means they needed extreme cooling capabilities too.

With only commercially-available batteries. No electric grid to provide power.

Now look at the backpacks on those space suits. Do you see enough room for heaters, air conditioners, batteries and oxygen tanks to keep astronauts alive?


Some people have done the measurements and say that an astronaut wearing the suit and backpack wonít even fit through the lunar lander's door.


Insiders in US intelligence agencies have been quoted saying NASA stands for ďNot A Space Agency.Ē
It's a fraud. A front. A CGI and Photoshop hoax.
But it's a great propaganda machine and a way to launder $50 million a day to anywhere they want.

Like most things related to government, once you start studying it more closely, you learn that things are not as publicly presented.
Or to say it more direct, itís a massive LIE.

Big lies like NASA are valuable to self-research because once you gain certainty of a big lie, you realize how many other smaller things must be total lies as well.

Look deeper.
Do your own research.

Virtually everything -- especially things related to government -- are not as they're publicly presented.



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