Houston, We Have a Problem

Uncredited meme from Internet
(Left side) Photo of Neil Armstrong's spacesuit by Phil Plait, with permission of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum
(Right side) Photo of first footstep on moon courtesy of NASA

By Mike Johnson

Ah, the moon missions. The very pinnacle of technological and human achievement.

If only.

NASA’s website posts a photo of the first footstep on the moon.

Here is the link to NASA to see it for yourself:

NASA Photo of First Footstep on Moon

The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum says it has Neil Armstrong’s moon-used spacesuit, which includes built-in boots.

Here is the link to the Smithsonian to see for yourself:

Armstrong's Moonsuit With Boots

The pattern on the bottom of the boots does not match the footprint on the moon.


When I came across the uncredited meme posted above, I was wary. So I went directly to the sources to verify. The links above from NASA and the Smithsonian verify the meme photos are accurate.

So it appears the first footstep on the moon could not have come from Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit boots.

I find that very interesting.

So I did a web search to see what "officials" say about this problem.

Here is what the Smithsonian said: Overshoes Left on Moon

Rrrrright. In a small capsule where every inch and every ounce is mission critical, we'll just toss in two pairs of galoshes. Nobody would've thought to just design an all-purpose tread.

Sometimes their lies are so outrageous that you know they're laughing at us.
Perhaps I'm jaded by too many other government lies. But this one's especially ridiculous.

There are dozens and dozens of other anomalies about the Apollo missions that don't add up.

Perhaps this will inspire you to launch your own investigation into NASA's “moon landings.”



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