Rollercoaster Lives

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By Mike Johnson

The average roller coaster ride is 3 minutes.
The average lifespan is 76 years.
Don’t confuse the two.

If your daily schedule looks like the complexity pictured here, this is a friendly reminder that rollercoaster lives are a choice.

Nobody is loaded at gunpoint, although it can seem that way.

Once the ride starts, there’s no getting off in the middle.
Momentum is a powerful force.

Luckily, every roller coaster has an entrance and an exit.

This is called “sleep.”

Each sleep is an exit from the coaster.
Each awakening is a fresh decision to climb back aboard.

The time between rides is your only chance to search for a different experience.
If you squander that chance on recovery and distraction, you’ll never escape the coaster.

Roller coasters are fun.
But they’re just one ride in the amusement park.
Things are less fun when you’re trapped.
More fun when you choose them.

There are many ways to live.
I’m rooting for you to do your own choosing.

Hey... that carousel looks a little more peaceful...



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