The Herd's Hump Day

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By Mike Johnson

Calling Wednesday “Hump Day” is a great example of the insanity of conventional wisdom.

Wednesday is the middle of the work week, making it the “hump” you must crest before momentum to the weekend gets easier.

If you go through life wishing away five days, so you can enjoy two days, you’re doing it wrong.

This isn’t your fault because they started grooming you for these thoughts in kindergarten.

They controlled where your physical body must be.
They controlled what your brain must focus upon.
They controlled your entire schedule of activity during your prime, daylight hours.

They controlled who had authority in your world.
Hint: It wasn’t you.

You were taught that you were a pawn who had to get through five days of school to get to two days of freedom.

Who decided that ratio?
It is purposeful, diabolical, trained subservience.

Your school life was grooming you to willingly accept the same schedule and submission at a work life later.

Your belief in a work week “Hump Day” shows the power of repetitive, unconscious programming.

This programming also reveals the power of the hidden overlords who created the man-made systems you obey.

Open your awareness. There are many other diabolical, subconscious, repetitive programming operations underway 24/7/365.

Money. Disease. Government. Taxes. War. Media. College. Sports. Fashion. Lifestyle. Values. Politics. Enforcers. Diversity. Climate.

Break your programming on one of them and you realize you don’t have to obey ANY of them.

Just look deeper into any of these topics – using non-mainstream sources – and you’ll catch a glimpse of how ridiculous they ALL are.

The world you are presented is not real. It is not the best way. It is not the only way.
But it IS the best way for the overlords.

You don’t have to live in their fake paradigm unless you choose to.

Once you cross the “hump” of erasing one diabolical program, you’ll gain the momentum to erase them all.

The difference is, now your "weekend" lasts FOREVER.

Happy Hump Day.



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