Now Desperate, Cabal is Losing

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By Mike Johnson

In America, we self-govern.
That means YOU are the boss, not some bureaucrat, boss, dean, cop, judge or politician.

We are a constitutional republic, which means the rights of the individual are superior to the rights of the group.

Our founders purposely rejected a government system of “Democracy” so that three wolves couldn’t vote to eat the sheep for lunch.

This is why forced lockdowns, forced masks and mandated experimental injections were 100 percent unlawful.
Individual rights are always superior to group rights in America.
Thirty percent of the population realized this and properly, lawfully, refused to obey.

Today, it’s not just government that violates our individual rights.
Unelected health agencies, elites, bankers, colleges, corporations and employers are unlawfully ordering us around too.

It is 100 percent unlawful to hire, manage or issue approvals based on diversity and skin color.
It is 100 percent unlawful to mandate a mask or injection as a requirement of employment, travel or entry.
It is 100 percent unlawful to assist and enable illegal entry into America.
It is 100 percent unlawful to allow a central bank or use anything other than gold and silver for legal tender.
It is 100 percent unlawful to enforce a federal income tax on most Americans.
It is 100 percent unlawful to fund and operate dozens of federal departments that aren't authorized by the US Constitution.
It is 100 percent unlawful to enact or fund war without the approval of congress.

There are many other open violations.

This is why it’s so important for every individual to read their state and federal constitutions.
These spell out individual rights, the limits of government and are the supreme law of the land.

Any rule or law that violates these documents is immediately null and void and carries no legitimacy.
No court or lawyer or judge is required.
Your own understanding of the basic words is all that’s required to lawfully refuse to comply.
As an individual, YOU are the boss.

You just need the clarity and courage to stand your ground.

When enough of us say NO! their bullshit stops.

Whether this happens peacefully or violently is up to the cabal.
Their crimes of genocide are so evil, they deserve the worst we can dish out.

Fortunately, led by the 30 percent who rejected the covid nonsense, more and more citizens are catching on.

Unfortunately, the cabal is increasingly desperate to hold power.
They have proven they are willing to exterminate humanity to achieve their evil goals.
They still hold most of the world's levers of power.

So these are very dangerous times.

We need your help to starve the beast.
Turn off their mainstream media.
Do your own non-mainstream research.
Refuse to comply.

Shame and ridicule them when they walk in public.
Speak truth at every opportunity.
Educate your friends and family.

Remember, we are on the right side of everything good.
Morality, law, individual rights and GOD.

If all that fails, we out-number them and their enforcers by 10,000 to 1.

The cabal is terrified we're beginning to figure that out.

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