How You'll Become the New Billionaires

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By Mike Johnson

Like central banks, you can create money out of thin air.
The difference is, your money is REAL.

Your money is VALUE.
When you create value, you have something to exchange.
You can be paid with goods or services or you can be paid in currency.

Currency (paper and digits) is merely the illusion of stored value.
It has no intrinsic value of its own.
It only has value if someone is willing to exchange goods and services for it.

But you, as a human being with skills, have the ability to CREATE value by creating goods or services.
That makes you The Mint that creates REAL money.

It is far better to store up value-creation skills than to store up currency.
Currency can (and will!) become worthless overnight.
Value-creation does not.

The richest people in the world will soon lose it all and become paupers because they do not know the difference.

You, of modest means, but superior knowledge, will become the new billionaires.

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