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By Mike Johnson

If you donít appreciate the small things, youíll never appreciate the big things.

The truth is, thanks to the feelings evoked by gratitude, theyíre ALL big things.

There are gradients of gratitude but all provide pleasant feelings.

Gratitude makes you feel good.
Right now.
Free of charge.

Pity the people who must chase externals to feel good.
Their quest never ends.

But those who conjure gratitude at will, get all the reward with none of the angst and effort.

Who is richer?
The man who gets everything he wants?
Or the man who appreciates everything he has?

Obviously, itís the second man because he has mastered the creation of good feeling yet still has the ability to strive for more.
Itís the best of both worlds.

Gratitude. You own it. You control it.
It stacks the deck in your favor.



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