What Comes Next?

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By Mike Johnson

Since your birth into the exploitation systems created by our controllers, you’ve been groomed to believe you’re a mouse and “authority” is a giant.

This is a massive lie of course, because you were created by God.
Moreover, God himself gave you an equal share of dominion over the earth.
Once you gain clarity about this, you gain freedom from the controllers and their systems.

Because we are ALL giants, we are worthy of challenging authority about anything.
The more we do, the more we realize “authority” is a lie, an illusion and a representation of the worst parts of human nature.
No man has authority over another.

It takes massive amounts of effort, infrastructure and resources to maintain the lies.
You can see their false edifice cracking more every day.
“Authority’s” words, deeds and demands get more and more crazy every day.
They are panicked and desperate because they know when the critical mass catches on, they will be jailed or executed.

Maintaining the lie is unsustainably expensive.

Gaining truth costs you nothing but time to research.
Saying “NO!” is free.
Your refusal to consent and comply is your super power that the controllers can’t stop.

All large systems will fall apart because they have reached peak corruption and peak insanity.
They’ll blame it on something else, but the controllers’ greed and criminality are the real cause.

It’s all going to implode.
Finance. Banks. Money. Savings. Government. Public education. Media. Military. Trucking. Supply chains for everything not made locally.
The larger the system, the larger the collapse.
Food, prescriptions, utilities, gasoline, replacement parts, all disrupted.

Millions will die in the ensuing chaos, mostly those in big cities.

The controllers have openly predicted 240 million Americans will die in the next year (see Deagle Report below).

We live in interesting times.
You’re on earth during this time for a reason.
You have VIP seats in the front row of a key moment in history.

Hopefully, smaller, localized communities will rebuild their own God-centered systems after the reset.
Survivors will return to God’s reality, where all are giants, all equal owners of this world’s abundance.

But that’s just another act in the eternal play.
Live or die, your soul is always playing a role somewhere.
Enjoy the journey.

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