Miracles Upon Miracles

Free use photo from Pixabay.com

By Mike Johnson

You think and your finger moves.
You don’t think and your body still functions automatically.

You’ve just witnessed two unexplainable miracles.

The body and the mind.

Yet there is a third miracle.

The thing that can OBSERVE the body and mind.


Man cannot duplicate any of this.

All three are so complex there is zero chance they happened by random accident during a “big bang” or “evolution.”

Yet we go through our days unaware that every instant is the unfolding of millions of physical, mental and spiritual miracles.
Every instant!

We constantly live in constant miracles.

These few, short sentences are an example of critical thinking.
Aware, thoughtful, perceptive observations that reveal amazing truth.
We all have this ability.

Every single one of us is a miracle living within miracles.

You are not man.
You are not employee.
You are not serf.
You are not victim.

You are MIRACLE.

No one is superior to a miracle except The Creator of this miracle-filled existence.


Not bosses, not bankers, not doctors, not experts, not oracles, not governments, not enforcers.


The devil’s cabal has built this false world on top of God’s world, to make you believe you’re a mouse.

Don’t let them get away with it.

You are a GIANT.

With critical thinking, you can see through every single deception.

Stop. Pause your activity storm.
Breathe. Notice the miracle of your body.
Think. Notice the miracle of your mind.
Observe. See that the real "you" is the conciousness that can observe the body and the mind.

You are superior to anyone and anything that treats you like a mouse.

Live like you know it.

You are a MIRACLE.
You are a GIANT.

You are created by GOD.



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