Resource Shortages Are a Lie

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By Mike Johnson

Climate always changes.
Power always corrupts.
Ignorance always smarts.

Manís world is a mess.
Godís world is glorious.

Which world you select determines your experience.

Unfortunately, manís world has smothered you with falsified reality since birth.
Like a Hollywood mask stretched over a face, fakery on the surface is merely hiding something real underneath.

The devilís manmade systems of control are hiding the REAL, SOVEREIGN WORLD God gave us.

The devil canít surpass Godís creation so he HID it.

Like The Truman Show, you must see through the fakery and courageously exit the illusion to return to reality.

There is no shortage of resources.
Just an abundance of manmade systems that deceive.

As an aware individual, you can find workarounds to experience a more abundant reality.

Each little success encourages more.
Eventually, you see the entire manmade world is a lie and youíre blessed to be awakening.

Then you get to experience the frustration of trying to share your discoveries with others.
Who are all caught in various webs of deception.

There is no group solution.
This is an individual journey.

I suspect everyone eventually arrives.
Itís just a shame so much angst and pain must be experienced along the way.



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