Did You Bite the Apple?

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By Mike Johnson

Social media is destroying mental health.
Especially women and children.
Multiple studies confirm this.

Smart phones are the delivery device.
Which are also stealing social skills, attention spans, health, privacy, peace-of-mind, workplace productivity and established relationships.
As the final indictment of insanity, people willingly pay a monthly fee for the privilege of being harmed.

You only notice the stupidity when you free yourself from the addiction.

Like any tool, there are aspects of good and bad.
Unfortunately, the good is so slippery it sneakily slides you into the bad.
Convenience leads to stimulation which causes endorphins which causes addiction.
Now youíre abandoning the people in your physical presence to sneak peeks at feedback from digital people you may never meet.

You abandon the real for the fake.
Worse, you soon start to believe the fake is more compelling than the real.
Now youíre lost.

Yes, Iím a geezer.
But I once used and embraced both smart phones and social media.
Now free of both, I clearly see their danger and destruction.
If you saw what I saw, youíd immediately drop that smart phone as if it was a glowing chunk of plutonium.

Smart phones and social media are diabolical, purposely-created distraction and destruction devices disguised as ďconnectivity.Ē

The cabal is laughing at you.
You pay them every single month to put a radioactive, addictive, listening and tracking device in your pocket.
You willingly provide a detailed, self-dossier far superior to anything Nazi Germany ever created.
While it steals your time, attention, freedom, health, clarity, companionship and life force.

Itís devilish in its diabolicalness. All the while, you not only think itís good, you LOVE it.

Take a closer look at that iPhone.
Thereís a bite out of that apple logo.
Their symbol represents the fall of man due to seduction by the devil.

They knew what they were doing to us all along.

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