Blinded By Your Own Light

Free use photo: Searchlights being used in the Pulse Front installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, at the Luminato arts festival in Toronto.
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By Mike Johnson

Starting in the 1930ís, movie studios attracted customers to premieres with searchlights.
These giant, carbon arc lamps shot beams of light far into the sky.
If you stood within radius of these devices, your eyes were overpowered, making it impossible to see anything nearby.

And so it is with the human soul.
You are too close to your own light to clearly see the enormity of who you are.

The role you play each day is but a small fraction of your true being.
Even during your best performance, enthusiastic accolades from your audience fall woefully short.
Their feedback is a miniscule indicator of your trajectory, but we give it far more weight than it deserves.

People who do not see themselves clearly, have no chance of seeing you clearly.

So donít judge yourself through the eyes of people.
Judge yourself through the eyes of God.

God made you in his own image. This means you are DIVINE.
Not of your own doing, but by the grace of the creator.

He created this realm especially for you.
He knows the number of hairs on your head.
You are a miracle.
Failing to recognize your magnificence is a snub to the Almighty.

See your soul.
Take ownership.
Start living large.
Youíre capable of so much more.

See the magnificence in other souls.
Help them see their own light.
They too, are divine.

Start to recognize this, and buddy, youíre in for the ride of your life.



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