Lambs Schedule Lions

Photo by Margie Johnson turned into a meme at

By Mike Johnson

Another day, another dime.
Or if youíre privy to inflation, 9 cents.

The work schedule chains you to the passage of time.
You're a passenger on the conveyor belt and itís moving too fast to jump off.

So you ride.
And ride.
And ride.

Just like they groomed you to accept in school.
Ride the schedule that someone else controls.

The calendar on the wall is your master.
If it says weekday, you work.
If it says weekend, you donít.
If it says holiday, you sneak a forbidden taste of freedom on a weekday.

Day, by day, by day, decades slip through your fingers.

I find this fascinating to watch from afar.
I see a lion ordered about by a lamb.
Through some Jedi mind trick, the lamb is exploiting the lion.

The lion has forgotten who it really is.

Some of us have escaped work schedules.
Some of us ignore calendars.
Some of us are free EVERY day.

Some of us realized that underneath the lamb's massive deceptions, weíre ALL lions.

If you wish you weren't working on a Monday, this is your reminder.



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