Artificial Intelligence

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By Mike Johnson

The devil cannot destroy a man's soul, but he can deceive him.
The devil cannot destroy God’s world but he can hide it with an infrastructure of lies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the devil's most dangerous deception of all.

Using powerful computers, massive data collection and intricate programs, the fake, looks stunningly real.

Fake photos. Fake videos. Fake voices. Fake facts.

Of course, proponents call their fakery “enhanced reality.”

Where we’ll run off the rails is when we use AI to make decisions.
False information leads to bad outcomes.

The programmers of AI know this so will tilt their programming toward their benefit.

Crickets are a better food source than beef.
Biden is a better candidate than Trump.
Communism is a better government system than our representative republic.

They’ll sell AI as “a compilation of the most credible information on earth.”
AI will become the gold standard of truth that cannot be questioned by mere mortals.
Who are you to challenge a brain that is billions of times larger than yours?

Like all human “authority,” “experts,” and “science,” they’ll cherry-pick their narrative and censor out everything else.
It’s a simple matter of programming.

Like electronic voting machines, a predetermined outcome can be assured with program parameters and algorithms.

No one can see inside the AI, but we'll be forced to blindly trust it.
It’s the ultimate authority.
It knows everything.

Then as its algorithms keep ingesting every scrap of information, it’ll take over everything.
It will develop quirks and biases and behavior flaws no programmer could predict.
Or control.

Yet, mankind will be dependent on the machine to survive.

“AI, please turn the nuclear power plant's cooling system back on."

“I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.”



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