The Truman Show

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By Mike Johnson

When the bow of Truman’s boat hit the edge of the dome covering his known world, it confirmed his suspicions.
The world he inhabited was much different than how it was publicly portrayed.
It was all an illusion.

Seahaven Island was created just for Truman, including the people, who were actually actors. Everyone worked off a script to nudge Truman’s actions in various directions.

His parents. His friends. His neighbors. His bosses. His wife.

Even his schooling, news, weather and traffic jams were manipulated.

They “killed” his father in a boating accident to make Truman afraid of the water. If Truman traveled by water he’d discover the edge of his cage. So they used fear to keep him within their boundaries.

For 30 years, Truman readily accepted the reality he’d been presented.

Then one day, a stage light accidently fell from the top of the dome (Truman’s sky) and shattered right at Truman's feet.

The radio announcer immediately improvised and said an airplane had shed some parts. Truman was skeptical.

Now he was aware. He started noticing more and more glitches in “reality.” Each was a clue that led him to his full awakening.

For some reason, the devils who run earthly systems have to respect our free will. So they directly reveal their crimes and illusions to us in many ways. Once we’re “told,” they can then lawfully fool us to stay in their matrix.
If we’re dumb enough and passive enough to believe their tricks, then it's “our choice” to suffer their mistreatment.

The magic virus was the perfect example of this. Hundreds of credible, credentialed doctors and scientists warned us that the virus was purposely created. They told us masks, social distancing and lockdowns caused far more damage than the virus. They warned us the injection “cures” were purposely-created bioweapons. They provided lists of inexpensive drugs and vitamins that easily beat virus symptoms at home.

Yet 70% of the western world ignored that information because it was from non-mainstream sources. These better sources require proactive search.

Instead, victims passively listened to the media, authorities and “experts” that were owned by the same cabal that launched the virus and bioweapon injections.

The devils diabolically chuckled. 70% of the western world hurt themselves using their own free will.


The Truman Show is another revealing admission about the devils.

It’s telling you that there's a vast infrastructure to fool and manipulate you.

It’s telling you that you are special, unique and divine. You are worthy enough to require all this tomfoolery. You have free will, so are far more powerful than those controlling you from afar.

It’s telling you that the only person who can stop you from exiting the devils' matrix is YOU.

Until you summon the curiosity and the courage and the conviction to challenge their fabricated reality, you’ll never awaken to the True Man that you actually are.



Devils Fear Clarity

The Truman Show is also telling us we live inside a dome: Why is the Sky Blue?


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