Somewhere Warm

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By Mike Johnson

Iím a daily tourist who visits both good and evil.

I start centered in the good, tie a rope around my waist, then dive into Internet exploration of the daily changes in this physical world run by the devil.

As expected, the devilís doing a right good job of accelerating the debauchery and demise of humanity.

A quick tug on the rope assures its connection and I pull myself back to good.

God gave us all an equal share of the world and an equal share of sovereign dominion over it.

The devil didnít have the power to erase Godís world, so he overlaid a complicated system of deception.

The devilís systems fool us to believe our only reality is toil, trouble, torment and tragedy.

The devilís systems are designed to make us forget we are Godís own GIANTS, and instead make us believe we are random, accidental, disconnected mice.

Born into this system, with no memory of what came before, itís on us to figure things out.

We enjoy solving mysteries. Especially when our lives seem to be on the line.

The entire paradigm of school, college, jobs, bills, debt, prescriptions and death is a massive deception.

In truth, the only skills we need to learn are how to purify water, grow food, build a home, master a trade, control our mind, love others and connect with our creator.
Of course, schools teach none of that.

The deeper you look under the devilís systems, the closer you get back to Godís simplicity.

Nature is the shortcut to our inheritance from God.

Fortunate to live in the midst of magnificent nature, I use it to reset myself many times throughout the day.

Even in winter, a walk to the woodpile or the barn exposes me to birds, squirrels, bunnies, deer and forest.

Nature is my home. Living here keeps me mostly focused on the GOOD.

That equilibrium helps me expose more and more of the devilís deceptions.
My most valuable discoveries were ways to escape jobs, work schedules, bills, debt, media, authority, congestion, stress and conformity.

I now own the perspective of a free man, free and clear.

With that freedom, comes God-granted benefits.

Like having the wherewithal to visit somewhere warm.



Perspective of a Free Man


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