Fresh Starts

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By Mike Johnson

Fresh starts are rarely chosen.

A broken marriage. A medical issue. Fired from a job.

Youíre tossed into the abyss and boy are you pissed!

Itís not my fault!

Look deeper.
Maybe you DO have some responsibility for the sudden change.

Take responsibility anyway.

Youíll be amazed at how fast you rebound.

Being cut loose from the known and expected can be a blessing.

It puts you back upon your wits.
It forces focus and awareness.
It offers unlimited new choices.
It clears a big gap in your schedule.
Itís an opportunity to leave the stagnant and irritating behind.
Youíre free to recreate yourself into the person you choose to be today.

Itís the dark chapter that challenges you to dig deep.
Itís the opportunity to become the hero of your own story.
It sprinkles you with adventure, enthusiasm, curiosity and courage.

The experience presents a reflection of the bigger person you actually are.

Starting fresh is a rare and priceless opportunity.

Itís morning.
Itís Saturday.
Itís spring.

Itís a fresh start.



Tossed Into the Gap


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