Time to Choose Sides

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By Mike Johnson

Covid taught us much about our friends, family and public officials.

For starters, it revealed who was too lazy to self-research.
Too trusting of “experts.”
Too afraid to use their own discernment and common sense.
Too close-minded to listen to friends, relatives and constituents who knew more.
Too bribed to print or broadcast proven, alternative home treatments.
Too ignorant to stop the deadly remdesivir and ventilator hospital treatments that received government bonuses for use.
Too unaware to realize that you injecting anyone, was you personally injuring or killing them.
Too conforming to refuse to enforce the tyrants' unlawful mask, lockdown and mandatory injection demands.
Too cowardly to speak out against the narrative.
Too corrupt to resist the cabal’s global genocide.

Covid revealed the worst traits of human nature in the people we loved and trusted the most.

If you masked your children, closed your business, gave or took the injections, and denigrated those who tried to warn you, you failed this test.
You failed it badly.

You trusted the wrong people.
You owe everyone an apology.
You owe yourself lots of non-mainstream research to erase your ignorance.
You harmed yourself, you harmed your family and you enabled the cabal to kill millions.

If you ENFORCED any of this nonsense on others, you have a very, very dark stain on your soul.
You’re in deep shit.
You’re in Nazi SS territory.
Redemption will only come by resigning your position, admitting your behavior and crawling out of ignorance to start doing good.

If you STILL don’t realize this was a purposely-created depopulation event, you are hopelessly lost.
Glad I’m not you.
You're a peril to everyone you encounter, especially if you hold power over others.
You’ll be devastated by your failures, in front of your creator, when you receive your life review.

About 30 percent of Americans saw this covid situation as the bullshit and murder it was.

They refused the masks, the lockdowns, the injections.
They weren’t fooled by the trillion-dollar propaganda campaign.
They withstood derision and threats from friends, relatives, bosses, “experts” and authorities.
They passed the test.

These are the people who will save the world from the cabal, if it can still be saved.

These are the people you want in your circle.

If you don’t realize this, and they still keep you in THEIR circle, it’s only because they are such magnanimous people they have decided to accept you anyway.
Despite your ignorance and weak character.

Oh, one more thing.

This covid bullshit?
It’s just one of dozens of other purposeful, evil flim-flam operations performed by your “leaders,” “experts” and "mainstream media."

If you believe in “woke,” “climate change,” “diversity,” “racism,” “open borders,” “abortion,” "childhood vaccines," "digital currency," “feminism,” “flexible genders,” “political parties,” “mainstream media,” "free and fair elections," or still trust “leaders” and “experts,” you are deep in the ignorance.

Just like covid, you have fallen for the propaganda of the evil ruling cabal.

Your belief and compliance enables their purposeful destruction to continue.

Please wake up.
Please realize that all "experts" and "authorities" are fallible people.
People can be lazy, ignorant, gullible, confused, defective, cowardly, mentally ill, bribed, threatened, blackmailed or evil.
Stop blindly trusting and obeying people you don't even know just because they have credential, title or microphone!

The 30 percent of us who know better, invite you to join the moral, researching and righteous team that is working FOR humanity.

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