Trend Math

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By Mike Johnson

With observation, study and self-research, it’s easy to predict the future.
In most cases, it’s just a multiplication of the past.
It’s the accelerating speed of the progression that makes precise timing impossible.
At what point does the last straw arrive, and break the camel’s back?

But there is always the possibility of divine intervention.
With God, all things are possible.
Trend math is no obstacle to God.

That being said, my research shows that it’s impossible to overestimate the devil’s actions that are destroying God’s humanity.
You should not only assume their worst possible behavior, but multiply that worst by 1,000 times.
You still might fall short.

The mass of humanity is woefully behind the curve of recognizing this destruction.

Whenever high-ranking leaders – which are fully-owned puppets of the devil’s cabal – admit any wrong doing, rest assured their admitted behavior is less than 1% of what they’ve actually done.
The CIA calls these admissions a “limited hangout.”
It’s a way to expose a smidgeon of truth while hiding the rest of their horrific behaviors.
Worse, these limited hangouts also arrive with a few new lies to hide the remaining truth even more.

So calculate the simple trend math.
Once you realize an evil cabal murdered John F Kennedy, you realize they murdered Martin Luther King and Robert F Kennedy too.
The trend math now tells you there never was any such thing as a “lone gunman.”

Now look at some bright lights killed in “accidents.”
Whistleblowing congressmen like Larry McDonald, cabinet officials who knew too much like Ron Brown, investigative reporters like Dorothy Kilgallen.
General George Patton, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, JFK, Jr.
The trend math now tells you that many “accidents” and “plane crashes” and “drug overdoses” are cabal-caused events.

“Suicides” are another long list of suspicious deaths.
Just web search for “Clinton Death List” and you get a long list of names associated to just two prominent members of the cabal.
The trend math tells you many “suicides” are actually murders.

Once you realize they kill people one at a time, AND crash entire planes to hide the murder of specific individuals, now expand the trend math to bigger events.

Wounded Knee government massacre (admitted) killed 300.
Waco, Texas government massacre (admitted) killed 86.
Oklahoma City bombing (suspicious) killed 168.
911 (suspicious) killed 2,996.

Now think bigger yet.
All wars are cabal-caused wars because they own the media, government leaders and banks that caused and funded the wars.
Wars generate massive income, real estate and power gains for the cabal.

World War I. 20 million dead.
World War II. 85 million dead.
Korean War. 3 million dead.
Vietnam War. 2 million dead.

Since 2020, the trend math accelerates significantly.

Covid-19. 7 million dead.
Covid bioweapon vaccines. 20 million dead (so far), 2 billion injured.

Perils then started appearing one after the other and piled up upon themselves.

Stolen elections. Fake capital riot to hide their certifying of those stolen elections.
Open borders, allowing millions of military-aged invaders to enter and overwhelm USA.
Media-fueled race riots. Fiscal bankruptcy. Huge price inflation. Increased tyranny.
Chemtrails sprayed in skies everywhere. Fake climate crisis.
Fomenting civil war with ridiculous media-stoked “racism,” “diversity,” “multiple genders,” “abortion,” and “left vs right.”
Fomenting world war with aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and constant harassment of Russia.
Government weaponizing the justice system against normal citizens and President Trump.
Democrat leaders are voting like communists and republican leaders are voting like democrats.
Both overspending trillions, counterfeit out of thin air, which pillages the purchase power of the money we already hold.

Are you starting to grasp the horrific depth of evil?
It’s speed of acceleration?
It’s range of multiple calamities?

The cabal is now openly trying to kill everyone on earth.
Because the cabal is led by the devil.

The devil hates God’s human creation.

This is a spiritual war.

Which side are you on?

What are you doing to prove which side you're on?

What story are you writing for your life review?

This life review is approaching far sooner than we imagine.

The trend math is screaming its calculations.

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