Election Fraud Negates ALL Authority

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By Mike Johnson

In America, we operate with a system of self-government.
We’re a representative republic.
Our God-given rights belong to each individual, not subject to a majority vote or subject to “the good of the whole.”

Pandemic lockdowns and mandatory masks and injections violated many of our individual rights as stated in the state and federal constitution.
Read the documents yourself. It takes about an hour.
Then you’ll know what your government representatives can and cannot lawfully do.

Thanks to massive vote fraud, they are no longer “your government.”

If just one fraudulent vote occurs in Wyoming, it negates YOUR vote.
Your only tie to this self-government is your right to vote.
Once your vote is negated, you are no longer part of it.
If your vote is taken away, the people in power no longer have your lawful consent.
Lose your vote and the government is illegitimate to you.

This makes you lawfully and morally free from it.

They’ll see it differently for sure.
They’ll abuse their power and unlawfully harass you if you refuse to comply.
They’ll unlawfully use force under color of law.
They’ll call you a criminal but it's the enforcer of the unlawful who is the REAL criminal.

By not aggressively protecting vote integrity, our “leaders” are usurpers.
They're unlawfully holding an office and title and position.
They are nothing, pretending to be something.

Just one fraudulent vote creates this situation to you.

It has now been proven without doubt, that each American election cycle includes MILLIONS of fraudulent votes.
Some of these are in our local and state elections.
This negates local and state and federal authority.

Most "leaders" don’t see it that way so they don’t make election integrity a priority.
They go along to get along.

But some are fully aware of the fraud and benefit from it.
So of course they'll do anything to protect it.
The higher their position, the more likely they are corrupted.
They reveal themselves by their spoken and unspoken words, and by their actions and inactions.

If your “leader” is not demanding same day, in-person voting, voter ID, USA resident verification, paper ballots, witnessed hand counts, no electronic voting or tabulating machines whatsoever, and same-day announced results, that leader is guilty of usurping their office.

Just one fraudulent vote negates YOUR vote.
That makes them all illegitimate to you.

It’s an easy fix.
It’s an obvious fix.
That it’s not happening instantly and enthusiastically is evidence of deep, established, systematic corruption.

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Election Fraud is REAL

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