Righting Wrongs

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By Mike Johnson

Nobody on earth is ever going to say it.

First, they won’t put in the time to realize it.
Second, their ego won’t allow it.
Third, admitting that reality is far different than portrayed requires turning their life and worldview upside down.

And it’s not me that’s “right” anyway.

It’s just a collection of information from many other people who witnessed cracks in the matrix.

The people who run the matrix will never point out its flaws.
Yet, these are the same people who tell the masses what they “know.”

If you study a topic from non-mainstream sources for just ten hours, you know more than 75% of the world.
Study it for 100 hours and you’re more knowledgeable than 90%.

Imagine five hours per day for decades.
It creates quite the gap between me and the malleable mass of men.

This doesn’t make me better.
Just more aware about more things.
And more frustrated.

There are thousands of people like me.
Maybe millions.
But you rarely find them because God spread them throughout the world to light dark corners everywhere.
At least, that’s what I’ve read.

I guess I could also be wrong about everything.
If I have integrity in my search for truth, I must force myself to consider this.


I applied my learning to my own life and created uncommon success in multiple areas.
So of course, like seeing a moose on the side of the road, I want others to experience the pleasure too.

But most don’t want to hear it.
So I write it down.
It avoids all the in-person small talk, rejection and debates about what to me, became self-evident long ago.

I don’t want to be ego right.
I don’t want to be “validated-by-others” right.
I want to be “God-as-my witness” factually right.

I want to live in truth.

I want to live in a world where lies are denigrated and truth is valued.
I want to live in a world where the masses easily see the difference.

I want the truth to be valued so deeply that lies become extremely rare.
I want these lies to be quickly identified, stopped and shunned by society.

I want evil liars -- and their massive number of deceptions -- to be called out by the masses as WRONG.



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