Jackie Was Pleasant to LBJ

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By Mike Johnson

Yet LBJ helped murder her husband.
This is the bitter taste of betrayal.

We treat people nice until we know differently.
We trust people until we know differently.

Evil people know this and use it to their great advantage.

Before November 22, how many times did Jackie engage the vice president in pleasant small talk while he was thinking of the exact date, time and manner of her husband’s ambush?
This dark, evil Judas was smiling and chit-chatting on the outside, while plotting to destroy her family, the nation and the world inside.

Later, an hour after the murder was complete, Lyndon pressured Jackie to stand next to him on the plane, as he was sworn into the presidency he’d brutally stolen from her husband.

He pretended to be shocked, sympathetic and mourning, all the while patting himself on the back for pulling off the nerviest crime in US history.

To America, she was an enchanting, fascinating and beautiful first lady.
To LBJ, Jackie was just a prop to make his theft appear legitimate.

He defiled this beautiful soul by arranging the horror of a head shot a foot from her eyes, drenching her in blood, then fooling her to show public support to him -- one of the masterminds of her own husband's murder.

He used her shock, kind heart and vulnerability against her.

This places LBJ near the top of the list of worst human beings to ever incarnate on this world.

We trust far too easily and recognize lies and betrayal far too late.
The first subject in school should be a deep dive into “human nature.”

The most ignorant citizens in America are those who know the least about human nature.
They blindly trust the leaders, "experts" and media that are diabolically destroying the rest of us.

Liberals, socialists, communists and the gullible make the basic mistake of trusting the people in charge.
They naively believe that giving authorities more money and power will fix things.
It never occurs to them that authority would lie, steal and betray them.

What if these gullible people realized the “people in charge” purposely killed their loved ones with lab-created covid, purposely-deadly hospital protocols and bioweapon injections?
Then blamed it all on a patsy named “pandemic” instead of Oswald?

Would these people be ashamed they had supported these murderers?
Even going so far as to evangelize their masks, lock-downs and bioweapon injections?
Then even denigrating wiser citizens and family members who had done the research to know better and who were trying to warn them?
Would these people be ashamed they’d stood next to the murderers and given them legitimacy?

There are dozens of other massive betrayals by the “people in charge.”

The wiser of us see this as obvious.
The wiser of us understand the depths of human nature and depravity as proven by experience and world history.

We’re trying to warn the good-hearted but ignorant and gullible dupes standing next to LBJ on the plane.

Will they ever catch on?

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