Extra Land

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By Mike Johnson

Fifty-six countries obey the Antarctica treaty that bans normal people from exploring there.
In fact, Antarctica is patrolled by military naval vessels that keep unauthorized boats and planes away.

This treaty has held unchallenged, since December 1959.
When dozens of countries show total agreement to ban exploration, you know they are hiding something huge.
Coincidentally, NASA was established just 18 months earlier.

To the millions of people who have studied flat earth, Antarctica is not a continent near the south pole of the globe.
Antarctica is a ring of land that holds in the oceans like the shoreline of a big round pond.

On the flat earth model, there is no globe, no spin, just a vast plane, covered by a firmament dome.
The sun, moon and stars rotate above us inside the firmament, its thickness remaining unknown.
All of this is described concisely in Genesis, the bible’s first chapter.

Nazi leaders are known to have escaped to Antarctica (and South America) at the end of WWII.
Admiral Byrd visited Antarctica at least twice -- once with a massive military flotilla (1946-47, 4,700 men, 70 ships and 33 planes)-- telling a television audience he’d discovered a continent beyond the Antarctica ice wall that was larger than the USA and free of snow and ice.
Every substantial world leader today has visited Antarctica, giving no official reason – only telling us it's a wasteland of ice and bitter cold, holding only a few crude scientific research stations.

Trans-continental airplane flight routes only make sense when you use a flat earth map.
Curvature experiments never reveal any of the curve required if we lived on a big ball.
The engineering of canals, railroads, bridges, highways and missile systems never account for any curve.
Dozens of government contract specifications state that the fighter jet, missile or targeting systems assume a “flat, non-rotating earth.”

10,000-year-old maps reveal a vast plane holding our continental land masses on a flat earth, ringed by an ice wall, forming our known world as if a large pond.
Outside this ice wall are dozens of other continents and “ponds” of similar appearance.
This extra land – you might call it “outer space” -- is hidden from us by the Antarctica treaty.

In this model, people who live on this extra terrain – you might call them “extra-terrestrials” – are only a few hours or days away from us if they’ve developed flying craft.

So “Aliens” need not fly thousands of light years to get here. They just fly thousands of miles.
They are just “extraterrestrials” visiting from this “outer space.”

This is one big reason why the devils launched the globe earth lie.
It hides all these extra lands located in the outer space.

This deception allows the elite devils who run our systems to create the illusion of limited resources, which they control, and they price.
This keeps us dependent, poor and small.

It also hides The Creator from us.

If we are just an accidental speck, on an accidental round ball, in an infinite universe of uncountable other accidental round balls, then we are insignificant nothings.

But if we are living in a terrarium, under a glasslike dome, as described in the bible, there is clearly an intelligent creator who thinks us important enough to deserve the construction of this world.

When earthbound devils lie about who we are and where we live, they separate us from God and our birthright heritage of being his important and divine creation.
We’re giants who have been fooled to believe we are mice.

The massive size of the lies (NASA, space, moon missions, satellites) and the massive infrastructure required to support the lies, also reveals that the devils ruling us know we’re giants too.

Once we realize this enormous truth, we easily start to see their other massive lies.
And realize that our rulers are the devils, the tyrants and the mice, NOT US.

Now, with this knowledge, out-numbering them and their enforcers 10,000-to-one, we will easily cast them off and return to our true position as sovereign, equal-share owners of this amazing realm that God created for us.

This is the importance of learning about extra land.

It leads us back to WHERE we really live, and WHO we really are.

And it puts the devils right back where they belong -- under the dust of our feet as God himself decreed.

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