Photo by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

I’m not against work.
I’m against being TRAPPED by work.

Completing tasks can be a fulfilling and enriching experience.
Especially if you’re learning, growing, improving and putting your own unique mark on the job.

Even today, I enjoy mowing the lawn and stacking the firewood.
Part of the allure is it benefiting myself, in this inspiring location.
While daydreaming back to other, past locations where I’ve done the same jobs, without such peaceful gratitude, never knowing I’d one day end up on this pinnacle.

Then there’s the warm glow of achievement that arrives by admiring a crisp lawn and tight stack of firewood.
It shows that you’ve completed something.

Survival forces us to work to attain food, shelter and utilities.
Work forces growth.
So it’s a good thing.

As long as it doesn’t become the main pre “occupation” of our life.

There are many ways to earn income.
Trading time for money at a job is the toughest because it forces you to “be there.”
Your income is limited by time and physical endurance.
Plus, you have to operate under the thumb of some boss, within a team of coworkers, who may or may not be defective.

The more enlightened path occurs by starting or buying a business or income property that generates income without your presence, around the clock.
Now you have the freedom to fixate on more important and pleasurable things in life.

Like languishing in the gratitude of achieving your largest dreams.

Even while you’re mowing the lawn and stacking the firewood.

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