Your Reality

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By Mike Johnson

There are many ways to live.

If you look to authority for your cues, you’ll live THEIR way.
If you become your own authority, you’ll live YOUR way.

Your reality becomes what you demand it to be.

No one is a bigger expert on you, than YOU.

Yet, most people delegate the boundaries of their reality to others.

Made by God, we’re ALL giants.
But authority has built every major earth system to make us believe we’re mice.

If your life is a difficult grind, you’re listening to the wrong people.

The authors of your reality can be tuned out.
Swapped out for people who have already achieved what you desire.

You have the ability to decide.

Defer to others who hold you down?
Or take control yourself?

You are the author-ity.
You are your best expert.
You are the author of your reality.

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Authority is No Oracle


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