Back Off Man, I Have Credentials

By Mike Johnson

Back off man, I have a Bachelors in Hamburgerology.

Ahh, the college degree. The admission key to an exclusive club.

The magic paper that opens doors to mahogany dens filled with fine cigars and decanters of brandy.

At least thatís how it worked for me (cough). Iím a proud graduate of McDonald's Hamburger University. I graduated Magna Cum Eat Here.

Stop snickering. Itís unbecoming. And you have mustard on your lip.

Credentials are, shall we say, suspect.

I know what youíre thinking. Itís easy for me to minimize such an esteemed achievement since Iíve already put in the work. And I see your point.

It did take me two full weeks to earn the degree.

And the company did pay for it, so I avoided all that debt.

I beat the company presidentís kid in ping-pong while there, so academics wasnít my sole focus.

And I got to apply my vast new knowledge in the real world, with real people with real hunger pangs.

And I did leave school with a new perspective for the downtrodden.

Bovine lives matter.

Fortunately, I didnít let this degree define and limit my real life.

It turns out we donít need credentials to create any spectacular life we imagine. We just need a burning desire to achieve it.



Passion is the College of Colleges


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