Age Knows Things You Do Not

By Mike Johnson


Old people have patience.

We have to. We made the journey, found the answers, yet are ignored by the less experienced who make the same damn dangerous mistakes. Over & over.

That socialism can even be spoken of as a viable option reveals how ignorant our up and comers have become.

Socialism requires a massive trust in government to fairly appropriate and then justly redistribute the fruits of our own labor. Ha! I knew 50 years ago that government cannot be trusted. How? I watched them murder a president and get away with it.

If government can do that, they can do anything. If governments violate the rights of presidents, they can easily violate the rights of citizens. Power corrupts.

Socialists have never done any independent research on the Kennedy assassination. Nor have the people who still trust mainstream media. Or mainstream economists.

Nothing sets the parameters of your life like money. If you listen to the mainstream for your financial advice, I can predict where you are in life.

You're working a job. Or two. Or three. Your head is barely above water. You hope that if you continue, somehow, someway, you'll be able to retire at age 65.

I hope you make it. But if it takes your entire life, that's a pretty crappy trade.

The better path is contrarian. Start here: Contrarians Retire Far Earlier


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