Fixation Follies

By Mike Johnson


With infinite choices, what makes us fixate on a single thing?

Especially when that single thing makes our life painful?

"Why did he dump me for HER?"

"Why didn't I get that promotion?"

"Why does he always leave the seat up?"

Whatever we focus upon expands. We attract more of it. We see more evidence of the "truth" of our fixation.

"See? There he goes again. What a jerk."

While we're busy fixating on one thing, what else is causing us pain?


Why? Because we aren't even thinking about it! If it is not in our awareness, it might as well not exist.

And that is the secret of life. We control what we put in our awareness. We control our fixations. Whatever we focus upon expands. Whatever we ignore shrinks.

That's your super power. That's your kryptonite.

Fixate responsibly.

Here's a great example of using fixation for a positive result: Why I Keep 16 Quarters on My Desk

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