Inspired by Achievers

By Mike Johnson

Anyone can start a newspaper. Especially today, with all the homogenized, corporate-owned fish wrappers.

Your paper doesn't have to cover "news" either, it can focus on a single topic or niche.

Thirty years ago, I was inspired by Chuck Woodbury (pictured here), a roving writer who traveled the west in his RV, sharing stories of his travels. He featured offbeat people and places in his quarterly newspaper "Out West."

His best stories were whimsical imaginings he'd ponder while driving his tiny breadbox motor home.

Saturdays are for dreaming and I always saved my new issue of Out West for my favorite time of the week -- 4am Saturday morning.

I desperately wanted to break away from the corporate grind. I desperately wanted to write. I really wanted to move west. And I really, really wanted to own a Winnebago Brave.

Chuck was my hero.

Over time, I did leave corporate. I did become a writer. I did move west. And I did own a Winnebago Brave. I even started my own newspaper.

Chuck is still out there writing and publishing. He dropped the print version of Out West and now publishes a string of digital newsletters for RVers ( But he still sprinkles in his own writing and his own Out West articles from the archives.

If you have a dream, find a person who is already doing it.

Their inspiration will help you get there too.


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