Entrepreneurship: Glorious & Grim

By Mike Johnson

I've been a successful entrepreneur & a failed entrepreneur. I learned more from the failure.

For starters, it's possible to do worse than lose money. You can do it very publicly, work around the clock & still go bankrupt.

My brain still shudders when I recall those years. We'd started a newspaper from thin air, were living upon our wits, trapped by a publishing schedule, forced each day to sell an ad if we wanted to eat. It was gloriously grim.

Glorious because our product was fantastic. Our learning was off the charts. We were vibrantly alive, right up against it every moment of every day. We were pulling off the impossible while creating the incredible.

Grim because it took everything we had plus another 25%. The business left no time for anything else. Like parenting. Couple time. Life. We literally slept at the office while the rest of our life fell apart. We were swallowed whole by the whale of our own creation and slowly digested.

On the upside, we finally escaped. And learned so much that our next business was a grand success.

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