Revolution of One

By Mike Johnson

You're not a person.

You're a kaleidoscope of awareness in a roulette wheel of time.

You become whatever your momentary fixation makes you.

A mom. A coffee addict. A suffering spouse. A road rage commuter. A toilet cleaner.

The clock ticks, you become someone else.

Stimuli flashes, you become someone else.

Someone else's cause becomes your effect.

It's exhausting. And totally invisible to us inside the flesh.

You become whatever captures your attention.

You are consciousness. Arguably, ONLY consciousness.

Yet, you control your focus. Or not.

You either happen to life or life happens to you.

The more people around you, the busier your environment, the more activities, the less chance you have of ever taking control of your own focus.

People, like random stimuli, are wild cards. Most do not improve your journey. They just launch you in haphazard directions.

Like everything else, less is more.

You never truly evolve until you get alone and get quiet.

It's your life. You don't have to follow the herd. You know the best for you.

Choose it.

Become a revolution of one.


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