Go Within or Go Without

By Mike Johnson

“If you don’t go within, you go without.” - Neale Donald Walsch -

If you knew the purpose of your life, would you make the journey? Even if it seemed difficult?

What if the purpose of your life is to become the person you want to be? Despite the entire world seemingly trying to stop you?

What if I told you that you NEED the entire world trying to stop you, so your overcoming all that, PROVES you’ve become that person?

What if the experience of the overcoming, creates the KNOWING that you HAVE successfully created that person you want to be?

What if I told you that you purposely CREATED those challenges to build the opportunity for the overcoming you desire?

Can you expand your brain enough to conceive the reality that your creator gave you that much power?

How would that expanded understanding change you?

Would you inwardly move from victim to master?
Would you inwardly move from pawn to hero?
Would you inwardly move from cursing challenges to loving them?

What if your only purpose here is to re-remember that you’re the writer & creator of your own story & you are in the process of becoming the grandest star in that story?

Where on earth do you possibly go to re-remember these inspiring facts?


You go within.

Now personalize that opening quote.

“If I don’t go within, I go without.”

Without this live-changing realization.
Without knowing my life purpose.
Without becoming the person I dream to be.

Go within. Make it a study.

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