Autumn Exposes What’s Hidden in Trees

By Mike Johnson

Like foliage, the thin veneer of civility hides what’s underneath.
These days, marginal civility is hiding lots of hornet nests.

Financial pressures. Health issues. Relationship troubles.

Lots of hidden anger too.
Fanned by divisive politics. Social media. Leader & media gaslighting.

It’s easy to hide gritted teeth with a thin smile.

Humans tend to hide their problems until something blows up.

Then they’re fully exposed. Out on a limb. With witnesses.

So what? Many others share the same troubles.

Now they’re forced to deal with them. Fully engage to solve or accept them.

When traveling through hell, keep walking.

A success story is being written.

This is the way life works. Our biggest growth arrives during our biggest crisis.

What initially looks sucky, is eventually seen as lucky.

My wish for you is to experience just enough trouble to gain this perspective.

Everything in its season.




The Moth


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