Opportunity is Everywhere

By Mike Johnson

You donít need a job, you need INCOME.

Income opportunities are everywhere.

Just walk down your street and open your eyes to needs. Every home or business is a potential income source.
Look closely. What do they need?

Paint. Lawn care. Poop scoop.
Trimmed trees and shrubs. Trash hauled. Windows washed.
Gutters cleaned. General repair. Cars washed & detailed.

Or, if youíre happy at the job, open your eyes at that job.

What are the biggest problems? These are your biggest opportunities.
Solve that problem and youíre a hero. That leads to pay increases, bonuses and promotions.

Now enlarge your perspective at that job. While performing your duties, pay attention to learning more than earning. Do every job through the eyes of learning things you can apply to your own business later. Now you get paid twice.

Finally, enlarge your perspective while out in the world.
Whatís missing?
How could you profitably provide that?

Most people walk into a coffee shop looking for a cappuccino. Be the person looking for a passive income stream. And still get the cappuccino.

Look at the world through the eyes of opportunity and you'll soon be overwhelmed by choices.

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