By Mike Johnson

People live in cages constructed by their own minds.
Worse, they act as their own prison guards, self-enforcing compliance to othersí rules that have no physical, moral or rational substance.

School taught us to respect authority, obey rules and conform to the group. Those who question the curriculum are scolded, ridiculed, and embarrassed into compliance.
Bad grades and social rejection efficiently carved the rough edges off most creative, critical thinkers.

But who taught the schools to teach and behave this way?

Few ask this. Itís worth the research to find out for yourself. It leads right to the head of the snake that is destroying the world today.

A small percentage escaped schools with some independent thinking intact. These are the most successful people with the happiest lives.

Contrarians, they reject the conventional wisdom that controls the masses. They blaze their own trail.

Contrarians recognize insanity when they see it. Especially when itís repeated by millions of cookie-cutter people who inhabit large cities, schools, governments and corporations. The larger the group, the less the independent thought.

Contrariansí REAL education occurred outside schools. SELF-education. They discovered that just a smidgeon of non-mainstream research reveals that every topic is different than itís publicly presented. These ďdifferencesĒ are enormous and always favor authority at the expense of the masses.

But the masses donít self-research outside their hive, so they never learn these differences.

They remain in their cages. Abusing themselves by compliance to "norms and rules" implanted in their heads long ago by tyrants.

Now weíre all under attack by our top authorities. Their implanted rules are the only thing preventing us from defending ourselves.

You can lawfully reject their rules. Refuse to comply. Itís that easy.

There is no moral rule that prevents self-defense from theft, stolen elections, bioweapon attacks and leaders purposely dividing us to start civil and global wars.

Our Declaration of Independence and God himself, gives us the sovereignty to make things right.

The wrong people are locked in cages.



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