LinkedIn: 8 Months After My Ban

By Mike Johnson

The Louisiana and Missouri Attorney Generals have sued social media companies for censoring citizens’ first amendment rights. Their witness interogations have PROVEN the federal government is unlawfully colluding with mainstream social media companies, including LinkedIn, to remove truthful content that does not match the approved federal government narratives. LinkedIn unlawfully banned me from their platform on 8/12/22 for making two verifiably, TRUTHFUL comments related to covid.

Every American should reevaluate their participation on social media. You are feeding the tyrannical beast. These platforms are amplifying misinformation, censoring and removing true information, and omitting the most important information. By your posts, you are helping them generate traffic and income.

They then use this income to assist the federal government’s active attacks against its own citizens. These attacks are purposely destroying us in many ways, including their election thefts, bioweapon injections, aggressive destruction of the US Dollar and their antagonistic efforts to start a civil and global war.

Starving the beast is the only peaceful way we have to save our earthly lives.

Here is my earlier post about this topic that presents many more details of what is happening:
LinkedIn vs LinkedOut

Here is the 7 minute video that PROVES unlawful Fed Gov and social media censorship:
Louisiana Attorney General Comments to Congress

How to peacefully fight back: Feed Yourself, Starve the Beast


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